HP & Intel rock phat BEATS [UMD/tech]

I’ve been a mac user for about four years now. I’ve never been tempted to make the switch back to the PC. That is until i tried the HP Envy 14 BEATS edition laptop from HP.

This computer is pretty freakin’ sweet. These are the only laptops integrated with Beats Audio technology by Dr. Dre. If you’re unfamiliar with Beats, think about the pre-game warmup of the last sporting event you watched. You undoubtedly saw a few athletes rocking the Beats headphones.

The audio quality of this laptop alone is enough to convert anyone to a HP user. I know you might be thinking that there can’t be that much of a difference in the audio specs between laptops, but believe me, the envy 14 displays marked supremacy with its aural awesomeness. On top of that, this laptop offers fast, efficient performance by using some of the most advanced Intel technology and hardware, all at about half the price of similar competitors.

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The Tokyo Cultural Center has long used HP products. Reliable and affordable, we often purchase our HP goodies here, the HP student academy web site. It offers students at UMD great discounts on HP products.

With graduation coming up and law school next year, it’s high time i start looking into a new computer. Perhaps its time to rock phat beats with the HP envy 14? Perhaps, perhaps.




Here are some recent jams we’ve been spinning at the Tokyo Cultural Center. They sound good now, but imagine how great they would sound if played using some BEATS audio technology. Enjoy!


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