Hilarious Rap Lyrics: Cam’ron [music]

September 19, 2010

Cam'ron: spewing some utter filth into a microphone

There’s no shortage of hilarious rap lyrics out there. Three 6 Mafia deserves their own blog to point out all the retarded shit they’ve emitted into the atmosphere. They are still awesome though. They rap about getting high while bangin hot chicks. Three 6 Mafia is the definition of “fucking around.”

The focus of todays “hilarious rap lyrics” post is the definition of all business all the time. Cam’ron does NOT fuck around. He raps about selling crack, beating up women, and killing anyone who gets in his way; Cam’ron is as hood as it gets. He also SUCKS at rapping. He is hilariously bad at it. He sounds like that drunk kid at the frat party who thinks he can freestyle (come to burn house to see franky futon and G-man drop hot fire).

Cam’ron has made a living on rapping the same words together. “Hmmm this bubblegum tastes like bubble gum/man I do love me some bubblegum.” This is the best Cam’ron impression I can muster, but why not just show you what I mean:

“I said chill baby girl you a real dirty chick/ Fucked up real bad a real real thirsty chick/You just chop called you karate chick”.

First of all. WHAT? Cam’ron what are you trying to say? Rapping the word chick together three times in a row aside, you make NO sense. Let’s take a look at another Cam’ron verse and break down what he’s actually trying to say:


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Random Hot Jam? [random hot jam]

September 5, 2010

“Dancing Together” – David Byrne and Fatboy Slim featuring Sharon Jones

As labor day weekend labors on we here at Tokyo Think Tank want to offer you this shining little nugget of a jam to spin at your holiday barbecues!

Off the concept album “Here lies love”  by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, which tells the story of former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos (you might know her as that Philippino lady who owned 3000 pairs of shoes), “Dancing together” is a great track to lay down for any occasion be it pregame or postgame, bar mitzvah or barbecue.

The track starts with a very familiar drum beat (hip hop hooray anyone?) and the groove gets going with an omnipresent yet not overpowering bass line. Sharon Jones’s sassy soul-filled voice complements the track like peas do carrots. And we need only wait until the first chorus to hear that Fatboy Slim signature electro wah-wah sound that just makes the song contagious.

Too often these days we hear our social gatherings overpowered by one genre, whether its raging techno or pounding hip-hop. So this holiday weekend, hit ’em with a little “Dancing Together” and  give the party a little bit of something everyone can enjoy.