Tryna Smash? [super smash bros.]

September 2, 2010

choose wisely

When I visited my brother in college 10 years ago, a super smash bros. career wasn’t even a twinkle in the eyes of a young Franky Futon. They played super smash bros. in college then, and we play super smash bros. in college now. One thing I have come to notice about the collection of characters in the game is that they reflect the person holding the controller. Here is the cast of characters of Super Smash Bros. and what each character says about the person who plays with them:


I have two roommates who fit this mold perfectly: If you play with Kirby you probably like to take the easy way out of most situations. I can bet Kirby was the first character you started with, found he was easy to use, and never tried to move on to more challenging characters. What separates the layman from a true student of smash is their willingness to eventually move on to a character that can’t literally fly around the level at will.

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