Remixed and Remastered: The Tokyo Parodies

June 27, 2011

If invention is born from necessity, parody must be the bastard child of immaturity.

Making popular song parodies has been a hobby of mine for a while now. It started with inserting a subtle “poop” or “choad” in for common pop. song words like “love” or “face”. Practice makes perfect; the following song parodies make no sense. Enjoy!

“Billie Jean” – Michael Jackson

Chorus: “Billie Jean is not my Grandma.

She’s just a girl who thinks she’s my grand-mo-ther.

But you are weird please-go-away.”

“Last Resort” AKA “Last Pop Tart” – Papa Roach

First verse: “Cut my life into Reese’s.

This is my last Pop Tart.


No eating.

Dont give a fuck, no more trick-or-treating.”


“S&M” AKA “M&M’s” – Rihanna

Chorus: “I may be fat, but I’m perfectly good at it.

Put down that éclair, i don’t care i love the smell of it.

Vege-ta-bles might help my bones,

But chips and dip excite meeeee.” (NOM-NOM-NOM COME ON!)

And now, the pièce de résistance…

“Fly” AKA “Pie” – Sugar Ray

First Verse: “All around the world, apple crumble for me.

You knowww i love peach cobbler.

Every pie i know goes well with ice cream

Whether hot or cold, a good pie warms my soul.”

Chorus: Iiiii just want some pie.

Offer cake and i’ll say maybe,

But i’d prefer some good pie baby.

Iiiii just want some pie.

Put that raccoon away baby,

I want pie; I dont want rabies.

Iiiiiiiiii just wantttt some pie.”

Well, i’ve about busted my creative load. If you think you got some good parodies, leave a comment or tweet  at me.